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Download Film Madagascar 3 Sub Indo Mp4




One of the best in the franchise. Murder, money, and mayhem. Sounds like the plot of a movie, doesn't it? But it's a real-life story in Madagascar, the epic Disney-Pixar sequel that made nearly $500 million worldwide. The first Madagascar starred the voices of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, and Sacha Baron Cohen as three, let's face it, ridiculously easy-to-love animal characters -- a lemur, an aye-aye, and a meerkat, respectively -- who escape from a French zoo and embark on a journey to the far reaches of Africa, where they end up trapped in the sewers of New York City, smack dab in the middle of an election. (It's that election we're thinking of.) But for all its broad-comedy schtick, and all the good laughs it delivers, it's a genuinely affecting story that's not just about friendship -- and is totally worth seeing in 3-D. The characters, and the filmmakers, took notice: Some of the crew and cast from the first film have returned to help out with this one, while others have been replaced. (Who can forget the absolutely awesome Chunky Hill, played by Chazz Palminteri in the original? And, of course, new girl Stiller's replacement, Jada Pinkett Smith, has all the best lines, too.) And speaking of Smith, she's surrounded by such strong supporting cast members: David Schwimmer, Conrad Vernon, and newcomer Sacha Baron Cohen all play supporting roles, and their work is outstanding. (Remember how I said these characters are ridiculously easy to love? Well, now you understand.) And even though the movie's pretty long, there's enough plot to keep it going, plus that frantic end tag that no one seems to understand the significance of. (And when will we ever know why Madagascar is so wild about "The Coconuts Song"? The answer is inside your computer now. Get on it!) Most importantly, this movie is just plain fun, especially the cast -- you can't help but root for them to escape. They've become the new family of our generation: The movies. So when the new computer glitch pops up in your machine at the office, just give yourself a pat on the back. "You're just a little virus. But you're my virus." Also, I have just one warning: This movie will make you cry.



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Download Film Madagascar 3 Sub Indo Mp4

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